Our Services

Program Offering

On- Site Program

$10,500 -includes

  • Enrichly Coordinator on-site.
  • 1hr session per week.
  • Fall and Spring Curriculum Access.
  • Data collected weekly.
  • End of Course self-esteem assessments.

Train the Trainer

$8,500 -includes

  • 1 full day of training unlimited amount of teachers.
  • Nourishment and development of self-esteem in staff.
  • 12 weeks curriculum access.
  • Tools to collect data weekly.
  • Travel and lodging to be provided by the school.

Virtual Program

$4,500 -includes

  • Enrichly Coordinator virtually.
  • 1hr session per week.
  • 12 weeks of curriculum access.
  • Data collected weekly.
  • End of course self-esteem assessments.

Optional Addons

Financial Literacy $7500

Fine Dining Event $75 per person
Celebrity Guest TBD

Our Services

Interactive In-Person Instruction

Immerse your children in the power of face-to-face learning, amplified by our gamified self-esteem platform and real-time data analytics.

Engaging Virtual Learning

Access our virtual instruction program led by experienced education coordinators, offering the convenience and flexibility of remote delivery.

Digital Subscription Plans

Offer your children exclusive access to the Enrichly platform, where they can engage in enjoyable games that enhance their self-esteem, access celebrity webinars for support, and interact with their peers in a supportive and engaging environment.

Train the Trainer Program

Equip your staff with the expertise to operate the platform effectively, gather actionable data, and foster improved self-esteem among children.

Financial Literacy for All Grades

Empower children of all ages with essential knowledge and skills to navigate the complexities of our modern financial environment. Topics include budgeting, saving, investing, and financial planning

Fine Dining Empowerment Event

Celebrate your children’s achievements while refining their etiquette skills in an unforgettable fine dining experience. This exclusive event includes top-notch cuisine, a sophisticated venue, and captivating entertainment.

Special Guest Appearances

Elevate the impact of your event or program by inviting a renowned celebrity to speak or host. Customized pricing based on the selected celebrity guest.

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